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Building Contractors

Holtan Builders Limited is registered building Contractors class One in buildings and specialised waterproofing works.

We are capable of undertaking all types of rehabilitation works such as modernisation of banking halls and offices, refurbishment of colleges and residential houses, to finishes including plumbing, electrical and air condition installations.

We also construct new buildings to finishes from single storey to multi storey.. Read More

Civil Engineering








Holtan Builders is registered as Civil Engineering Contractor (class I) for pursuing all civil engineering works. Such works include construction, maintenance and repair of roads, bridges, underground structures, tunnels, airports, railway lines, pipelines, dams and all related civil engineering works.

The company has brand new earth moving equipment, namely grader, roller excavator and back-hoe loader/excavator to ensure that civil Engineering works are performed .. Read more


Manufacturers of SilisealĀ® Waterproofing Systems

On supporting the effort to protect the structures in Tanzania , HOLTAN BUILDERS LTD has expanded its businesses on the manufacturing of high performance structural protection systems.. Read More



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